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Multielement Parts (HongKong) Co., Ltd. is specialized in research, design, production and sales of LCD and LCM. With years’ efforts, our products are widely applied in the fields of mobile smart communication, MP4/MP5, MNID, E-book, car display, instrument and meter, game machine, security product and household appliance. The products take a leading position domestically and internationally in this field in the respect of technical level, product quality, product grade and market shares. Its product covers all kinds of LCD inlcuding TN, STN, HTN, FSTN, color-STN and LCM including COG,COF,COB,SMT,TABTFT module, OLED and E-Paper.

Today, we extend to our capability to offer customer a vertical integration service from electronics, metal and plastics to finally OEM. 


People oriented, emphasize to personal training and development.
Optimize allocation of resources of whole process to improve the competitive power.
Continuously improving, technology innovation, and keep technological superiority.
To satisfy the customers with high quality services.



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